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Miros expands ocean insights offering to offshore sectors

By Eric Van Rees - 31st October 2023 - 08:39

Global ocean insights specialist Miros has advanced its offering to the maritime sector by integrating weather forecast layers into its Miros Cloud Home solution (

The new version of Miros Cloud Home incorporates popular weather forecasting conditions from Windy with its proprietary accurate real-time wave, current, and weather measurements - bridging the gap between actual measurements and weather projections. The innovative solution offers maritime professionals access to an extensive range of forecast map layers visually animated on a global scale to customize their user experience and receive valuable insights into current and future weather conditions.

Weather conditions significantly impact the daily operations at sea and maintenance of the offshore equipment. By integrating forecast data with real-time measurements in one single application, maritime professionals can make decisions based on a holistic understanding of the situation without switching between many applications. This results in the optimization of offshore activities, increased safety, and an improvement in project efficiency.

The platform provides 17 interactive map layers that allow users to visualize factors such as wind, waves, and currents, utilizing various forecast models. Using an interactive menu, users can access short-term or long-term predictions up to 10 days of future conditions to explore how these are likely to evolve.

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