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MINEX Europe 2019 Forum Objectives

By [email protected] - 13th May 2019 - 11:10

Forum website The 4th MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 25-27 June 2019 on the theme of ‘The Future of Sustainable Mining in the Balkans and Beyond’.

Situated in the Western Tethyan belt, Bulgaria is a major player in the mining industry of Europe, with significant reserves of gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc. This is an exciting time for the regional mining industry as the adoption of world-leading processes and technologies are bringing a new dynamism to the sector. A low-cost base, highly developed infrastructure, skilled local workforces as well as emerging changes in the government policies aimed at encouraging foreign investment, make the Western Tethys region an emerging and highly attractive destination for international mining companies and investors.

To develop mining projects successfully in the Western Tethys region, companies need to focus on SUSTAINABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY and INNOVATION. There is an urgent need for open discussions on the contribution of the mining industry to the economy, environment and society.

To address these issues and discuss emerging investment and cross-border cooperation opportunities, MINEX Europe Forum will bring together delegates from the countries of the Balkans region as well as wider Europe and overseas, working in mineral exploration and the mining industry, including industrial associations, universities, and service and equipment suppliers.

It will also offer opportunities for interaction with policymakers, key decision-makers and global investors, financiers and experts.

With this year’s special focus on the future of sustainable mining, exploration, legislation, financing and technical developments, the Forum will include discussions on the social consequences and benefits of mining, and on environmental questions. Sustainable development, as a modern management practice, goes beyond philanthropy and corporate responsibility. It is rather a way for companies to increase value in the long term as they identify, measure and reduce economic, social and environmental risks and design successful solutions to local and global challenges.

The Forum will provide investor-focused sessions for sharing the latest business intelligence and for the presentation of business cases on newly commissioned mining projects and the latest geological discoveries across the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe.

The technical sessions of the Forum will highlight some of the key innovation trends and advanced technologies in the areas of mineral exploration, extraction, processing, waste management, mining digitisation and mine closure.

Through our mining cases sessions, the Forum offers a global platform for raising investor awareness of the mining and exploration projects developed in the Balkans countries and across Europe.

National and international companies, universities and state sector organisations will present investment projects, technological solutions and services at Trade show organised alongside the Forum on 25 and 26 June.

Mine visits on 27 June 2019 will allow participants to explore the latest developments and opportunities in the Bulgarian mining industry and will afford delegates the opportunity to make valuable contacts with industry insiders from across the region.

Dates to remember

About MINEX Europe Forum

MINEX Europe Forum has been organised since 2015 and is one of the most prestigious and best-regarded mining events in the region.

Held every year in a different country, MINEX Europe Forum highlights developments, projects and business opportunities in the mining industry of the host-region and wider Europe, and offers an information dissemination and international peer-to-peer knowledge exchange platform.

Who attends MINEX Europe Forum?

Over 600 delegates from 300 companies attended the previous MINEX Europe Forums held in the Republic of Northern Macedonia (2018), Serbia (2017) and Austria (2015).

  • European and global mine operators
  • Mining consultants
  • EU-funded mining and technology projects
  • Equipment suppliers and software providers
  • Research institutions and universities
  • Government agencies and mining ministries
  • National geological surveys
  • Banks and law firms
  • Investors and private equity funds
  • Stock exchanges
  • NGOs
  • Media

MINEX Europe organisers

Advantix Ltd

Tel: +44 1923 822861

E-mail: [email protected]


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