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MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence and Mapbox Join Forces to Enhance Road Safety in the UK

By Eric Van Rees - 31st January 2024 - 07:48

MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence has been working in the US and France to reduce the number of traffic fatalities by leveraging mobility data insights, machine learning algorithms, and MICHELIN’s unique understanding of connecting users in motion with the surface they operate on.

This data driven approach empowers road authorities to identify driving behaviours and situations that could be caused by the built infrastructure and its condition.

Today we start the next chapter by leveraging the power of location data from Mapbox to bring these same insights to the UK market. The new partnership between MICHELIN and Mapbox, an AI-based location technology provider for car manufacturers, mobile app developers, and logistics services, will deliver data-driven solutions for transport departments and cities to improve road safety in the UK.

Mapbox Traffic Data provides industry-leading accuracy for live and typical traffic patterns, drawn from a globally distributed user base of over 700 million monthly users of smartphone applications that in turn provide over 300 million miles of data daily. The data detects the actual movement of vehicles on roadways, allowing for more coverage of roads compared to traditional traffic data sources that rely on fixed sensors or niche use cases. Using AI-powered algorithms, Mapbox translates its traffic data into detections of events and patterns of interest along individual road segments, such as instances of harsh braking.

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