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MGISS partners with Leica Geosystems to drive a data-centric approach for Asset Managers

By Eric Van Rees - 14th April 2023 - 04:57

MGISS, a geospatial technology company, has signed a partnership agreement with Leica Geosystems to drive a data-driven approach to the capture, management, and exploitation of asset information.

AI, Data Analytics and Machine Learning are increasingly being used to drive value within utility and infrastructure organisations and it’s essential that the asset data being used is accurate and richly attributed to deliver the required results.

The development of Digital Twins, BIM and GIS are demonstrating the value of a data-driven approach to industry challenges surrounding productivity, resilience, and asset performance.

By placing easy to use Apps leveraging high accuracy satellite positioning in the hands of field users, the capture, management, and utilisation of authoritative asset information has become more accessible to those tasked with maintaining the asset estate.

MGISS have been servicing the needs of utility, infrastructure, and environmental clients for more than 10 years. With asset data management often seen as a cost centre, the team are keen to ensure clients can leverage their leverage investment in asset information as part of MGISS’s development of insight services to build asset management as a value centre.

The inclusion of Leica Geosystems Zeno range of products to the portfolio will enable MGISS to operate with increased confidence across the UK’s Utility, Infrastructure, and environmental communities to drive economic value, resilience, and improved sustainability.

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