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Masternaut launches fuel module to improve compliance and cut costs

By [email protected] - 19th July 2016 - 09:57

19th July 2016 – Masternaut, the UK’s leading provider of fleet telematics and vehicle tracking services, has launched the Masternaut Fuel module, enabling fleets and SMEs to improve fuel spend compliance and cut vehicle fuel costs.

Fuel represents a large portion of fleet operating costs. However, many companies do not effectively manage fuel expenses, since they lack simple tools to collect, manage and analyse data on fuel spend. It is also often difficult to manage multiple fuel card providers. The Masternaut Fuel module helps to solve these issues with a simple view to manage fuel spend that automatically matches transactions from multiple fuel cards to vehicles and journeys.

Masternaut Fuel enables greater control over fuel card costs, reducing noncompliant or excess spend. For example, managers can now see if fuel cards are used at stations without the company vehicle present or if premium fuel is purchased. Further, the Masternaut Eco-Drive module can be used in conjunction with Masternaut Fuel to identify fuel purchases in excess of actual fuel consumption.

Steve Towe, Chief Commercial Officer and UK Managing Director, Masternaut, commented, “With the launch of our Masternaut Fuel module for Masternaut Connect, we’re bringing fleet managers a complete 100% web-based solution that enables them to lower fuel costs and ensure compliance to company fuel policy. Every day, fleet managers are seeking to eliminate time consuming tasks to focus on the jobs that really add value for the fleet. Our new module helps fleet managers to quickly identify anomalies and gives more control over fleet fuel costs.”

Mark Watts, Head of Product Management & Business Process, Masternaut, added, “Through continued investment in Masternaut Connect, we are creating one of the best resources on the market to really understand fleet costs. Our Fuel module, along with our recent Maintenance module, gives Masternaut Connect users unique information in one place to better manage total cost of ownership.”

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