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Martek UAS announce ‘Gareth Knowles’ as the first UAS Strategist

By [email protected] - 12th July 2017 - 14:29

Martek UAS announce the arrival of Gareth Knowles as the 1st of a number of UAS Strategists appointments, to help clients develop compelling use cases for our range of proven & pre-eminent 'best-in-world' drone services.

Having recently filled key posts with Best in World calibre individuals, Gareth brings yet another dimension to the Martek UAS team.

Gareth brings a wealth of insightful experience to Martek UAS from a variety of roles ranging across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. A passionate life-long champion of aviation and innovation, Gareth has achieved recent success working with a variety of O&G Aviation Technical Assurance personnel, National Aviation Authorities and associated stakeholders to bring UAS solutions to a diverse range of industry and environmental problems.

A trained and experienced strategist, Gareth won’t try to situate your problem, or try to make the map fit the ground; he’ll assist you in rationalising your problem, breaking it down, understanding the component parts. Then, together, you can expect to develop a viable conceptual solution and apply simple, yet innovative, cost-effective measures to your business needs.

Gareth’s experience has grown a mature and extensive global network of high achieving professionals across a wide spectrum of disciplines and cultures. Naturally a modest and humble family man, Gareth is a gifted communicator willing to take decisive approaches that deliver great results. Martek CEO Paul Luen commented, “Talent is everything and this is another key appointment as we scale our UAS business globally. Gareth’s a top-level operator who’ll enable clients’ drone strategies delivering them fantastic gains”

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