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Marking its 40th Anniversary, Bentley Systems Announces CEO Transition Plan

By Eric Van Rees - 22nd March 2024 - 10:50

COO Nicholas Cumins to be Promoted to CEO July 1, 2024, as Greg Bentley will Transition to Executive Chair

Bentley Systems announced that effective July 1, 2024, Greg Bentley will transition from Bentley Systems’ CEO to Executive Chair of its Board of Directors. Nicholas Cumins, currently COO, will then be promoted to CEO, and be proposed to join the Board of Directors.

The announcement was made during the opening event for Bentley Systems’ new UK headquarters in the City of London, beginning the observance of the company’s 40th anniversary.

Nicholas Cumins, CEO designate

Cumins has served as Bentley Systems’ COO since January 2022. He joined Bentley Systems as Chief Product Officer in September 2020 prior to the company’s IPO. Previously he was General Manager of SAP Marketing Cloud and served as Chief Product Officer of Scytl, a platform for online voting, and as Senior Vice President of Product with OpenX, a pioneer in programmatic advertising. Before OpenX, he had already served in a variety of senior roles at SAP, including product management, corporate strategy, and business development. Cumins is a dual French and U.S. citizen and is based in France. He holds Maîtrise de Droit (Law) and Maîtrise de Sciences de Gestion (Business) degrees from University Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Paris.

Greg Bentley, Executive Chair designate
CEO since 1995, Greg Bentley is the oldest of five brothers who founded Bentley Systems. Keith, Ray, and Barry Bentley retired within the last several years and remain company Directors.

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