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Maptek consolidates on field benefits for high accuracy survey-grade sensors

By Eric Van Rees - 15th July 2021 - 06:50

A new dual-window scanner that halves data capture time headlines the latest Maptek mine measurement improvements.

The exciting new Maptek XR3-D mkII laser scanner with dual window arrangement cuts scan acquisition time in half. Conventional terrestrial laser scanners capture data from one window, spinning to achieve a 360° field of view; the XR3-D captures data from both sides simultaneously, with the scanner head only needing to spin 180°.

The July 2021 hardware release from Maptek is the confluence of research into cutting-edge sensing technologies and customer feedback, enhancing user experience through improved range, speed, image clarity and quality.

Hardware models in the new R3 mkII series include the extra long-range XR3 (standard and cold climate configurations), the SR3 for short-range underground applications and the new XR3-D.

In another move to streamline survey practice, Maptek releases its in-field scanner controller - FieldHHC - as a product in its own right.

The on-tablet in-field assistant provides thumbnail views and detailed information on every scan, alongside instant 3D visualisation, colouring and measurement tools. Full geolocation support with bluetooth connection to GPS devices for RTK corrections makes for efficient field time. Smart lighting settings for indoor, outdoor and underground conditions improve the value-in-use.

A new design conformance tool on the controller helps surveyors instantly recognise whether pit walls are conforming to design. Issues can be resolved while in the field, and dynamic reporting and cross-section output means everyone stays up to date.

Maptek sensing systems are renowned for safety and ease of use for daily survey, with software tools providing integrated decision support.

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