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Mapspace Geospatial Web Portal

By Eric Van Rees - 26th November 2020 - 06:46

Mapspace is the new user-friendly geospatial web portal made by professionals for professional who want to take data driven decisions.

Mapspace consists of:

  • The Map & Oblique module allows users to search, navigate, combine, compare and extract information.
  • The 360° module is a complete "Panorama" viewer for images from a car, drone or classic terrestrial sensors.
  • The 3D module is a responsive and reliable 3D viewer for laser scanning (LiDAR), or any 3D models including BIM and Mesh.
  • The NVDB module is fully integrated with the Norwegian Nasjonal Vegdatabank (NVDB) which allows read, write and edit all georeferenced attributes.

Mapspace integrates cloud storage which provide fast access to source data on all devices.

Mapspace is provided by Terratec, Norways’s largest supplier of geodata, and provides a revolutionary collection of geographical datasets showing urban environments with high-definition imagery and LiDAR 3D models, extracted from at least five different views and accurately geo-referenced.

Mapspace offers a wide set of APIs, GIS Plug-ins and SDKs for developers to create high added-value applications on a wide range of platforms and technologies on top on the rich and unique geographic content provided by Terratec Group. Mapspace was developed to supply a convenient, ready-made and easy to use tool that provides access to the geographical content found in Mapspace, without the need for end user coding.

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