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Mallorca hosts the fourteenth day of Smartcities

By [email protected] - 29th April 2016 - 08:49

Organized by the group ABSIS, attending town halls and Balearic institutions

Barcelona, April 2016 - This week, Alcudia has been the headquarters of the "XIV conference on Land Management: SmartCities, transform the cities to make them more efficient and sustainable."

Organized by the ABSIS Spanish technology group, specializing in solutions for Public Administration, the meeting which was attended by representatives of municipalities of Marratxí, Felanitx, Capdepera, Inca, Alcudia, Sa Pobla, Artà, Pollença and the Consell de Mallorca, has allowed to know the real case of Alcudia and as this municipality organizes and rationalizes its urban planning information to provide better service to citizens.

The SmartCities are more efficient and sustainable cities

Today's society generates a growing demand for knowledge of the territory and the management that it is done: service management, management of taxes, urban planning, housing, infrastructure, management of cultural heritage and the city management.

The administration, as a mediator between society and territory, you need to have the information and the mechanisms necessary to ensure the implementation of projects and directing public actions in the transformation of the territory.

In this context, the territory becomes key, useful and necessary tool management processes and integrated decision-making in the municipality. The technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT) promote automatic and efficient management of infrastructure and urban services, and the reduction of public spending and improving the quality of services, achieving thus attract economic activity and generate progress.

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