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Lovell Johns Unveils GIS Consultancy Service - gi Perspective

By Eric Van Rees - 1st April 2020 - 09:05

Cartography company, Lovell Johns, has launched its newly branded GIS website and Consultancy Service, gi Perspective, providing in-house expertise in Geographic Information Systems and mapping software development.

With a new website and service offering, gi Perspective has been specifically set up to respond to the growing demands for advanced mapping solutions required by both public and private sector organisations. Using location-based intelligence, the experienced team - coupled with the latest GIS mapping software - are well equipped to help organisations benefit from the geographical information that can help drive their business forward.

Commenting on the launch, Sales & Marketing Director Liz Murray said: “We’ve been developing our GIS business over the past 20 years and are excited to share our vast expertise in this area through our new Consultancy Service - gi Perspective.”

She added: “We’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in recent years in how businesses use geographical information and have seen how this knowledge can be applied to improve business performance. Our GIS Consultancy Services have the power to transform decisions and enable businesses to work more productively and we’re genuinely excited to be a key player in this growing sector. “

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