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Lloyd’s List Intelligence partners with satellite data provider Spire

By Eric Van Rees - 8th October 2019 - 07:35

Maritime data and insight provider Lloyd’s List Intelligence, part of Informa, has announced a significant expansion of its vessel data.

A partnership with satellite data provider Spire Maritime, a division of Spire Global, and the inclusion of an additional 200k vessels, further delivers their strategy to provide clients the most complete, validated, near-time view of what’s happening at sea, to support trade and expose risk.

Launched in 2012, Spire Global, a data and analytics company, owns and operates one of the largest privately-owned satellite constellations in the world. With 84 low orbit satellites and 30+ ground stations in operation, Spire Sense Cloud provides high-frequency updates of vessel positions, particularly in high traffic zones and deep-sea areas.

The addition of Spire’s data complements the AIS data already received from long established data partners; Lloyd’s List Intelligence managed terrestrial receivers; and data provided by the network of Lloyd’s Agency Agents. Lloyd’s List Intelligence now processes, checks and distributes the most complete and validated view of over 400,000 vessels’ position data; providing insight not available elsewhere.

Head of Data at Lloyd’s List Intelligence, Parvin Conners commented: “Operating in an opaque industry with increased volumes of trade in high traffic areas, it’s increasingly challenging for clients to get the granularity of vessel tracks’ position data needed. The addition of AIS data from Spire Maritime and data on over 200,000 additional smaller vessels to our services provides clients with the most up to date, validated and comprehensive data available in the market.”

Managing Director Michael Dell added: “Knowing where vessels are with increased frequency and accuracy and if they are in risk areas, is critical for many of our customers. Providing greater visibility of this data, and for more vessels, is a great step forward in helping them do their jobs better and act on data more quickly. Spire Maritime is a powerful partner in helping us deliver this.”

The additional data will allow surveillance professionals to identify new and unknown vessels more quickly, insurers, operators and investors to track their vessels more closely and financiers to get a complete view of end to end shipment movements.

Simon van den Dries, CCO at Spire commented: “We are delighted to be working with the global leader in vessel tracking and position data and contributing to providing professionals across the world with the most complete vessel movement data.”

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