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LiPlan: Ground Station for LiAir

By Eric Van Rees - 7th August 2019 - 10:08

LiPlanï¼IOSï¼is a ground station app for LiAir systems developed by GreenValley International. LiPlan integrates mission planning, system configuration, auto pilot, status tracking, and mission management into one app to simplify your LiDAR mission planning and execution process and to improve the data result quality.


1. Define Region of Interest (ROI): Tap a surveying region or inspection waypoints, or import ROI KML to LiPlan.

2. Adjust flight and scanning parameters: Lonfigure LiAir model, adjust flight and scanning parameters such as speed, altitude, and Terrain Following mode. LiPlan will calcualte and update flight path under parameter settings.

3. Start to fly: Perform safety check before fly. Once all check items are passed, flight mission wil be uploaded to aircraft. Start mission.

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