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Leuven, The Capital City Of Innovation Scans Its Road To Enhance Road Safety

By Eric Van Rees - 18th July 2023 - 08:43

The City of Leuven, capital of Flanders in Belgium and one of the European Capitals of Innovation can estimate faster and more efficiently where and when streets need repair by using a 3d digital model of the full road network, created by XenomatiX.

XenomatiX, developer of true-solid-state lidar technology is the chosen partner for the job. With their road lidar system, XenomatiX measures the road condition with 28,000 laser beams and has digitally mapped the complete suburb network in just a few days, representing 150 km of data and images.

The data collection is done by driving a vehicle equipped with the road lidar and HD-camera. The system completely digitizes the road surface and collects data of the condition of the pavement, its evenness, rutting, potholes, cracks and even road markings.

The results are highly satisfying, says Alderman Dirk Vansina from City of Leuven ‘’We receive data for every cm² of Leuven's streets. The data is visualized on our own GIS system and colour coded; this instantly enables our team to assess the exact condition of the road surface. Additionally, to the 3D map, XenomatiX provides 2D geo-tagged images of the road surface, so that no road distress remains unnoticed’’.

Traditionally the process of assessing the pavement condition has been labour intensive and costly as it required a team of surveyors and road engineers to investigate manually each road. With the digital measurements, the surveyor gets remote access to very accurate data within their own GIS platform. The data visualised provides immediate insights on the condition of the road surface.

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