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Leica GS18 I - Measure what you see

By GeoConnexion - 15th October 2020 - 14:52

Leica GS18 I is a GNSS Smart Antenna with Visual Positioning. For GS18, I means imaging.

The sensor fusion of GNSS, IMU and camera gives you the possibility to measure previously inaccessible points. You can measure points from images either already in the field with Leica Captivate or in the office using Leica Infinity. Create a point cloud from the collected data and possibilities are endless.

Follow the hashtag #MeasureWhatYouSee in social media for variety of use cases. MEASURE WHAT YOU SEE

Surveying with the GS18 I - See what Visual Positioning makes possible. This video shows the workflow briefly. WATCH THE VIDEO

Pushing the boundaries - See how the GS18 I point matching works. WATCH THE ANIMATION

We would like to show the imaging power to you - Would you like to see GS18 I live – digitally or in person? Get in touch with your local contact or send us your details through our website and we'll get back to you. GO TO THE GS18 I SITE

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