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Leaders of the mining industry Kazakhstan and Central Asia will deliver presentations on May 23-24, 2023 in Astana

By Eric Van Rees - 28th April 2023 - 13:17

The heads of key companies in the region will discuss the development of the industry. The Mining Congress of Kazakhstan is a professional international platform that brings together 250+ executives from leading mining companies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

The event is dedicated to sharing experiences of key companies in the mining industry, discussing the largest investment projects for the construction and modernization of enterprises and infrastructure facilities, exploring new deposits, as well as opportunities for improving the efficiency of existing mining enterprises. The organizer is Vostock Capital. For more information, please visit Contact information: Project Producer - Maria Ilyina, +44 207 394 30 90, [email protected].

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Congress highlights 2023:

*150+ TOP-MANAGERS OF KEY MINING COMPANIES in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan, initiators of investment projects, companies-developers and manufacturers of facilities equipment and technologies, and international investors

* 20+ MAJOR INVESTMENT PROJECTS: Construction of MPPs, modernisation, expansion of capacities and development of new fields

* 40+ SPEAKERS and participants of discussions: Project representatives, regulatory authorities, leading industry experts

* 30+ HOURS OF BUSINESS AND INFORMAL NETWORKING: one-on-one meetings on a pre-agreed schedule, business lunches, coffee breaks, interactive discussions, cocktail reception and much more

* FOCUS SESSION: KAZAKHSTAN AS CENTRE FOR MINING DEVELOPMENT IN CENTRAL ASIA: What legislative, regulatory, technological changes are necessary to unlock the potential of the industry?

* GLOBAL TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS and innovations for the mining industry - presentation of new equipment and advanced solutions for mining industries

* IMPORTANT! Mining companies investment strategy until 2030: Plans to modernise and introduce new capacities

* МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЕ СОТРУДНИЧЕСТВО в реализации проектов: как привлечь иностранных инвесторов?

* INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION in projects realisation: How to attract foreign investors?

* RELEVANT! Export potential of the industry and infrastructure development

* CASE-STUDY: On the way to efficiency enhancement: Practice of production transformation

* GEOLOGISTS DISCUSSION: Current challenges and modern approaches in the study of subsurface resources.

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