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Latest Update Of The “GIS Surveyor” Mobile Application Is Out

By Eric Van Rees - 16th October 2019 - 09:54

Surveyors around the world are using this new surveyor application from Polosoft Technologies and like it with all its features. They are utilizing the benefits of the GIS Surveyor application when it’s in the beta stage and sharing their feedback and suggestions to improve it. With that said, the application has now come up with some more advanced features with the new updated version of it, with special features that can challenge any other survey applications in this industry.

With the advent of new technologies, the GIS industry is reaching new heights every day. Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one such company that always strives for better user experience either through their tech services or through their applications.

Recently, the application, “GIS Surveyor” completed 1500 downloads in just one month in the Playstore, which is a unique thing to achieve in this field. We had a discussion with the spokespersons of Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. and they said that they have come up with the updated version of the application, which is more advanced and will be loved by everyone in the industry. The new update improves on existing features like:

  • Improved Attribute Functioning
  • Improved Offline Map UI
  • GPS UI Improved
  • View the area and perimeter of a survey on the same map.
  • Application optimization, which has made it lighter and much better.

One of the highlights of this update is the new feature which is, “Tracking”. With the tracking feature in hand, a surveyor can walk around the survey area and the application will collect the data automatically as the surveyor requests in the setting. The setting provides two methods of data collection which include, data collection with time interval and data collection with the distance moved.

The developers also said that the GIS Surveyor application is much more accurate in tracking than any other surveying application in the industry.

The executives from Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. said that there are many more exciting features in the pipeline like 3D maps etc, but as of now, their main target is to fulfill the surveyor needs and make the application usable in as many industries as possible. The application has proved to be helpful in many industries and surveyors around the world have used it and have given their positive feedback.

We also had a chat with the CEO of Polosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He said, “The improvement in the application highly depends on the type of feedback we receive from the surveyors using this application. We are consistently motivating our users to provide us with their suggestions and issues to help us achieve an all-round surveyor application”.

The application looks pretty good on paper and the first month’s response is quite overwhelming as well. It is also predicted that with the new updated version, the application will garner new fans from the survey industry. The real test for the team at Polosoft awaits when the application goes premium on the first week of November.

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