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Latest Topcon construction and survey software available now for compatible, comprehensive connectivity

By Eric Van Rees - 6th May 2021 - 06:16

Topcon Positioning Group announces the newest release of its suite of software for construction and survey professionals.

MAGNET 7 is designed to utilize the strength that cloud-based connectivity can play in streamlining workflows through GNSS receivers, total stations, and other positioning tools and instruments, and addresses common needs to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability levels across the job site spectrum. The software is also designed to improve accuracy while efficiently managing data and collaboration — in real-time — with the project team.

The new release is particularly timely. On a global scale, COVID-19-related demands placed on construction and survey professionals underscore a real need for comprehensive, integrated, software solutions to meet those challenges head on, according to Alok Srivastava, senior director, product management.

“The push to ramp up production levels and increase efficiency, while operating profitably, has never been greater,” he said. “Our suite, made up of field software, cloud services, tightly integrated office software and third-party integrations, is a key component of our digital ecosystem, all designed to enhance productivity in the field while helping the office efficiently manage the project dataset. It does so by tapping the power of integrated solutions to provide end-to-end workflows, superior data exchange and a far better level of collaboration.

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