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Laser Components releases new near-infra-red modulators

By Eric Van Rees - 14th August 2019 - 10:24

Lower Vπ , Wider EO-Bandwidth, Higher Optical Input Power

LASER COMPONENTS supplies iXblue phase and intensity modulators in the near infrared operating from 760nm to 1150nm with a modulation bandwidth of up to 40GHz.

Key features are:

• high optical input power handling - up to 25dBm HOP option

• low insertion loss < 2dB LIL option

• high PER > 30dB HPER option

• very High SER > 60dB HSER option

• low residual amplitude modulation > 30dB LRAM option

• high electrical input power capability > 33dBm HEP option

• wide electro-optical bandwidth - up to 40GHz WEO-BW option

Higher optical input power handling capability: all near infrared modulators based on a X-cut crystal use Annealed Proton Exchange to avoid photorefractive eff ects at shorter wavelengths. Based on this new design, iXblue is now off ering outstanding performances with higher optical input power handling capability, up to 300mW @1064nm, up to 50mW @850nm, and up to 20mW @780nm.

In addition to this, iXblue still off ers low insertion loss components.

Lower Vπ modulators: the Vπ is reduced by a factor of two and allows higher spectrum broadening modulation effi ciency. The newest NIR-MPX-LN-02 (3 GHz bandwidth) has a Vπ < 2V and still handle an input CW of 300mW.

Wider EO-bandwidth modulators: iXblue developed a 40GHz amplitude modulator, the NIR-MX-LN-40.

The wider electro-optic bandwidth allows the NIR-MX-40 and the NIR-MX800-LN-20 to generate ultrashort sub-ns optical pulses with very short rise times (few picoseconds) and pulses width < 30ps.

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