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Kongsberg Geospatial integrates the World's Highest Resolution Globally Available 3D Terrain Data with UAS Ground Control Station

By Eric Van Rees - 7th September 2020 - 07:35

Kongsberg Geospatial and Vricon, a Maxar company, have integrated their technologies to improve UAS mission safety in urban environments in a webinar hosted by AUVSI.

The webinar will address the issue of flight safety while operating drones in convoluted environments and urban airspaces by using a combination of high-resolution terrain data that accurately plots the altitude and position of obstacles like buildings and towers, and real-time LoS (line of sight) calculations. The two technologies can be useful tools for collision avoidance in situations where it is necessary to operate unmanned aircraft in near proximity to buildings, powerlines, radio towers, and other infrastructure.

The webinar will also demonstrate how real-time Line-of-Sight (LoS) calculations can be used to predict problem areas for signal propagation and to help ensure effective sensor coverage.

Operation of drones in urban environments lack the accurate presentation of a digital surface model (DSM) to enable the situational awareness to avoid buildings. “In addition to building avoidance, it can be dangerous to lose the data connection with a UAV in the middle of a mission” explains Paige Cutland, Vice President at Kongsberg Geospatial, and one of the presenters. “However, using high-resolution data from Vricon and real-time LoS calculations, you can discover problem areas along your mission route ahead of time and adjust your flight plan to prevent problems before they happen.”

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