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Kinesis Seeks Partners to Expand Vehicle Tracking Business

By [email protected] - 3rd July 2019 - 15:09

Kinesis is to make its popular vehicle tracking service more widely available to partners worldwide following the announcement of a reseller programme.

The UK-based provider of telematics offers a unique online platform that, since its launch in 2015, is already being used to track 130,000 vehicles worldwide.

To underpin further growth, Kinesis is now seeking suppliers in the fleet sector who want to add value to their business with a tracking service that is particularly easy to use and integrate with other solutions. Built as a modern cloud solution from the outset, Kinesis is designed to incorporate fuel card data, giving fleet operations managers a single platform for their insight and performance activity.

“Kinesis has been a big hit since launch not only because it is very affordable, accessible and easy to use but because it also offers a one stop shop for fuel and telematics. This appeals to busy managers who are always looking to get more done in less time,” comments Jez Strong, Strategic Alliance Director at Kinesis.

Because of this integration capabilities, Kinesis believe fuel card companies will be especially interested, and the company has already signed reseller agreements with Drive Card, Wex, DKV, Certas and Fuelmate. Elsewhere, the Kinesis team are confident that suppliers of fleet software, financial services, and insurance will particularly benefit in offering a telematics service due to it adding increasing value.

“With our recent acquisitions of telematics businesses the group has boosted its technical capability and resources in this area and that has given us a strong platform for growth. The company has already established a presence in the US, Europe and the Far East and by making Kinesis more widely available through partners, we will be well placed to meet the demands of what continues to be a growing market,” says Greville Coe, Group Managing Director - Telematics at Radius Payment Solutions, the company behind Kinesis.

Kinesis offers real time monitoring with the provision of arrival time and vehicle location data to customers, with added features such as a mobile app, vehicle-use data and driver performance analysis.

“Kinesis provides a forthright solution for fleet managers operating in a range of sectors from across the globe and as the company looks to expand internationally, it is clear that this programme will be central to any future growth,”adds Strong.

To find out more about partnering with Kinesis, contact Jez Strong on [email protected]


Adam Partington, Marketing Manager, Kinesis, Tel: +44 (0) 800 056 4432, [email protected]

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