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Keep your broadband network under control with smart Airbus technology!

By [email protected] - 24th September 2018 - 13:12

Airbus monitoring tool Viewcor is ready for easy-to-do customer trials to visualise the service quality of mobile broadband networks

Elancourt/Dubai, 24 September 2018 – During the 2018 CCMENA fair in Dubai, Airbus will showcase an easy-to-use application that monitors in real time the status of 3G and 4G communication systems as part of secure network operations. This new additional function of the Airbus Viewcor tool helps visualise the service quality of mobile broadband networks.

For instance, this latest Viewcor application scans the broadband network coverage, the data bandwidth available for mobile applications and the status of the networks’ base stations. End user trials can be started immediately, because no integration with verified networks is needed. In the future, the solution will also be supported in 5G networks.

“Good service quality is an essential element for mission-critical mobile broadband applications, such as video, data and voice. Viewcor makes sure that users will keep the control over their networks,” explains Eric Davalo, Head of Strategic Development for Secure Land Communications at Airbus. “A trial is a sophisticated way to test the value of the new Viewcor capability. It can be easily done with a few smartphones, a mobile broadband connection and a computer wired to the internet.”

Airbus has already demonstrated the Viewcor capability during the Critical Communications World 2018 in Berlin. It enables the service quality monitoring of broadband networks in addition to the existing support for Tetra networks. With only one glance at the computer screen, the operator can check the network coverage and capacity and the status of base stations in real time, both for 4G/LTE and Tetra networks.

The new version works like the existing Viewcor for Tetra networks: users can see in real time the visualised service quality of one or several networks on the same map. There are different views to the service quality data, e.g. real-time view, coverage map and long-term Service Level Agreement, a contract between a service provider and the end user defining particular aspects of services. More information about Viewcor is available on the Airbus stand B20 at CCMENA 2018, Madinat Arena, Jumeirah, Dubai.

Find also more information in the white paper:: “Why service quality is something to think about today”


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