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K-Gully a hosted gully cleaning management system for contractors.

By [email protected] - 19th April 2017 - 17:53

Contractors are now equipped to provide their clients with a high-quality record of the on-site work completed

KOREC is delighted to announce the launch of K-Gully, the latest addition to its range of specialist K-Mobile applications. Designed with contractors in mind, K-Gully is a full end to end gully cleansing, recording and reporting system that addresses the key needs of contractors and their clients on a daily basis as well as their future requirements for cost-effective gully cleansing programmes.

Contractors are now equipped to provide their clients with a high-quality record of the on-site work completed that provides 100% proof that work was carried out at a specific time and location. This is because K-Gully utilises the K-Mobile data collection app that allows field engineers to record the date, time and location of each gully being cleaned as well as additional information such as silt levels, condition etc. For additional backup, photographic evidence can be tagged to each individual gully. K-Mobile can work in ‘inspection mode’ for existing gully checks or in ‘capture mode’ when no existing gully information is known.

Fully customisable and easy to use by non-technical users, K-Mobile runs on a range Android and Windows hardware offering positional accuracy options down to 2cms.

Back in the office, the K-Gully portal aspect of the system allows office staff to assign new jobs, monitor existing projects in near real-time and produce high quality, informative reports at the touch of a button. Interactive maps allow data to be easily visualised and interrogated.

The K-Gully system is especially useful when loaded with multiple years of inspection data enabling intelligent scheduling to increase the cost efficiency of any cleansing programme.
Other K-Mobile solution specific modules include K-Environment, K-Asset, K-Utilities and K-Forest

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