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Juniper Systems Limited Expands Into the Nordics, Welcomes Paul Collins

By [email protected] - 6th September 2018 - 08:00

Juniper Systems Limited are pleased to announce its expansion into the Nordic Region, welcoming a designated Business Development Representative for the area.

06 September 2018 -- Birmingham, U.K. – Juniper Systems Limited today announced its expansion into the Nordics area of Northern Europe, with the addition of Mr Paul Collins, of Blekinge Län, Sweden, as the area’s designated Business Development Representative.

‘We’re very excited about Juniper Systems’ continued growth throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa’, commented Mr Simon Bowe, general manager of Juniper Systems Limited near Birmingham, U.K.

‘Our superior quality, rugged handheld computers are becoming widely recognised. In 2017 we increased our presence in Germany and Austria, and our business continues to grow in the Nordics. We knew it was time to dedicate a representative to serve our partners and customers there’, said Mr Bowe.

Prior to joining Juniper Systems, Mr Collins began working in the security industry, and since 2002 has built a distinguished career working for manufacturers in the fire-detection industry. Over that 16-year span he focused on building long-term, mutually-beneficial, strategic partnerships to help customers protect and save lives.

He also has experience working with Business Networking International (BNI), one of the world’s largest networking systems, assisting and empowering people to develop their own best skills.

‘My philosophy is to always listen to and understand my customers, first and foremost’, said Mr Collins. ‘I want to be aligned with organisations that share my philosophy of caring for customers and delighting them with our service and products’.

He now brings that strong customer service philosophy to Juniper Systems Limited, where he will introduce products to the marketplace and build distributor and partner relationships in the Nordics Region.

‘I’m very proud to be associated with Juniper Systems; it’s a great company’, Mr Collins commented. ‘We share the same core values around superior care and service. They value my dedication to looking after and helping customers to the best of my ability’.

‘We’re excited to welcome Paul to our team. His customer service is top-rate, and he’s very experienced with technically-superior products. We’re confident that he will professionally represent Juniper Systems’, said Mr Bowe.

Mr Collins hails from near Bristol, U.K., and was based in that country for many years. His wife is Swedish, and about a year ago they decided to move their family to Blekinge Län, Sweden. He commented that he loves Sweden, including the people, the food, and the culture of work-life balance, which is important to him.

When he’s not building relationships with strategic partners, Mr Collins can be found spending time with his wife and son, cycling, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors. He also says that he’s always ready, willing, and able to play a round or two of golf.

Mr Collins can be reached via email at [email protected] or via phone on +46 (0) 760 118018.

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