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Juniper Systems Limited Announces New Technical Support Manager Role

By [email protected] - 31st January 2019 - 17:34

Mr Andy Cray takes the new role and will work with EMEA Customers.

30 January 2019 -- Birmingham, U.K. – Today Juniper Systems Limited announced that Mr Andy Cray has taken on the role of Technical Support Manager. In this position, he will provide support to customers with hardware and software, particularly when they are transitioning from other rugged handheld computers to Juniper or Cedar products.

‘Andy is well-suited to this newly-created role, and we’re excited that he will be working with our customers in this way’, said Mr Simon Bowe, managing director of Juniper Systems Limited near Birmingham, U.K. ‘He loves working with customers directly, helping them troubleshoot systems, and training users to make the best use of our rugged computers’.

In this role, Mr Cray will liaise with customers both remotely and on-site to support them and maximise the performance of Juniper’s products with their systems. He will assist in the integration of Juniper and Cedar products into new customer solutions, and provide Juniper expertise toward decision making prior to new systems being designed.

‘I’m very excited to take on this role because I love working directly with our customers’, said Mr Cray. ‘I have a lot of experience in successfully troubleshooting large, complex, technical systems, and a long history of working with mobile computers and rugged data collectors in different environments. It’s going to be demanding but I’m ready for it’!

Mr Cray can be reached via email at [email protected] or via phone on +44 (0) 7557 527574.

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