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Jesse Norman MP conveyed need for high quality data for transport

By [email protected] - 15th May 2019 - 17:52

Jesse Norman MP conveyed need for high quality data for transport transformation at GeoPlace conference

Jesse Norman MP, Minister of State for the Department for Transport, opened this year’s GeoPlace conference. His keynote speech set out how data and digital technology can help transform our transport system to benefit the travelling public and deliver environmental and economic goals.

The GeoPlace conference took place on 9th May 2019, in the City of London. This annual event is a forum that brings together key partners from central government, local agencies, emergency services, and the councils that are ultimately responsible for creating and maintaining our nation’s definitive address and street data.

Mr. Norman noted that the UK is seeing a much-needed transformation in the way we travel, plan, use, pay for and operate transport. New technologies are coming together and providing opportunities for our local communities to grow and flourish. To sustain this development of transport, we must understand what society needs, where, and why, and the demand for high-quality street and addressing data is delivered by GeoPlace, through its network and operations.

The Minister highlighted the importance of collecting, maintaining, and using high-quality local data in all aspects of transportation and in all parts of the country. Excellent local street data supports the maintenance and improvement of our nation’s road network and general transport infrastructure. It also enables us to deliver on tomorrow’s challenges, such as the roll-out of electric and autonomous vehicles – and the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge part of the Government’s wider Industrial Strategy.

The Minister also introduced a new service ‘’ to help people understand more about the road network in England and Wales: where a street is, what its official name is in the National Street Gazetteer (NSG), and who is responsible for its maintenance. Funded by the Local Government Association and built by GeoPlace, Findmystreet enables anyone to access the nation’s official National Street Gazetteer free of charge to view data and use it to report missing Public Rights of Way to relevant highways authorities.

Speakers at the conference demonstrated how they use local authority address and street data to save lives in the emergency services; protect citizens and prevent fraud; show how government policy is delivered effectively, and improve our lives in many other ways.

Nick Chapallaz, Managing Director of GeoPlace said: "We are delighted the Minister added emphasis to this work and we are excited at the prospect of supporting the Future of Urban Mobility strategy. Accurate street data and addressing transforms people's lives. It underpins confident planning and policy-making at all levels, and defines the last-mile deliveries and services nationwide that we depend on so much.”

"Our work delivers the data that leads to a better quality of life, greater profitability, and increased productivity for all. It’s the location information necessary to underpin the UK's digital economy and to transform our public services with confidence. Everyone can benefit from the power of location data, and speakers at our conference demonstrated how they use it to really bring location to life."

Exemplar Awards were also presented to the winners of GeoPlace annual Awards for innovation and data quality. The conference was supported by a 20 strong exhibition from suppliers to local government, who were there to meet existing customers and impress potential new ones.

The conference agenda is available at

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