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JAG(UK) appoints Dave Capon as new CEO

By Eric Van Rees - 14th May 2020 - 08:03

JAG(UK) has appointed Dave Capon as its new CEO. Dave will be taking over from Jerry McConkey, who has stepped down from JAGUK) after 6 years at the helm.

Dave Capon’s new role as JAG(UK)’s CEO is at an exciting and challenging time for the streetworks industry. Climate change and the provision of top-notch broadband are at the forefront of government’s, and people’s mind as UK seeks to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. JAG(UK) has a role in furthering both challenges.

JAG(UK) focuses on the daily operation, the coordination of works for asset or utility network management and other events taking place on the highway and represents all 209 street and road authorities across the UK.

Government is clear that street works and maintenance activity should carry on during the COVID-19 situation, as they will be essential for getting the economy going again.

JAG(UK) is working closely with every agency involved to manage the effects of restrictions. This is an industry-wide support role, working closely with Governments, utility companies and highway authorities to maintain services and prepare for changes as the crisis unfolds. The industry has solid framework legislation, but needs to be agile, consistent, and transparent in its thinking and delivery.

Dave has a particular focus on climate change. He will be spearheading the JAG(UK)’s transition from a linear economy to a circular one. He says: “The UK is structurally addicted to growth. The demand for resources is contributing to acidifying the oceans and damaging the ozone. The world operates a linear economy, which is running down the living planet; we take raw materials, we make something, we use it but we lose the original resource as it’s not replaced. To deliver sustainable, effective change in that model, we must alter our business as usual processes.”

In his role as the new CEO, Dave Capon will ensure that JAG(UK) is working closely with industry at all levels to try and increase the strategic connectivity among agencies involved in this complex subject. Reducing emissions and congestion are key and JAG(UK) has been at the forefront of supporting the community in terms of permit scheme development, electrical vehicle charging, the Department for Transport’s Street Manager project and the increase in demand for district heating schemes.

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