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It's the end of an era - UAVS to close.

By [email protected] - 14th July 2017 - 18:47

I have been honoured to be the Chairman of UAVS, the world’s oldest Trade Association for the unmanned industry, for the past 9 years and as a member of it's council for 5 years before that. However I decided last year that it was time I stepped down. Following an extensive search, and although substantial support has been forthcoming for the work of UAVS, no volunteer to succeed me in running the ship could be found. It is therefore with great regret that I have taken the decision that UAVS will cease trading.

UAVS has been at the forefront of regulatory development since 1997 and continued to operate in this area in both the UK and Europe. Writing the original versions of what is now known as CAP722 and convincing regulators that See and Avoid can be achieved from outside the vehicle UAVS was responsible for helping to make the industry we have today possible. Being a major force in the seminal JAA/EUROCONTROL UAV Task Force in 2004 and representing the UK in EuroCAE, and with members representing the UK at the ICAO RPAS Panel, UAVS remained an influential voice on the world stage. At home UAVS not only represented the Industry with Regulators and Legislators but also to other airspace users being the first point of call for conflicts. UAVS provided a face of our industry to the public through outreach activities answering questions and providing a focal point at public events.

It is with this heritage in mind that I have negotiated with ARPAS-UK that UAVS members will receive free membership of ARPAS-UK until December 2017 so that their representation is continued. ARPAS-UK, originally born from the UAVS sub 20Kg Special Interest Group, has agreed this step to help ease maintain continuity following the closure of UAVS. Please contact [email protected] if you'd like to take up this free arrangement. ARPAS-UK has also agreed, following the closure of UAVS, to increase its representation in the wider regulatory arena to ensure that a strong UK voice is heard.

I sincerely hope that you will appreciate my decision and provide ARPAS-UK the support, encouragement and expertise that you have provided to me as your Chairman of UAVS over the past 9 years.


Gary Clayton
Chairman UAVS

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