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It's a Wrap - World Water-Tech North America 2019

By Eric Van Rees - 19th November 2019 - 06:56

World Water-Tech North America welcomed pioneering water-tech leaders from 36 states across North America and 13 countries around the world to Los Angeles. Previously held in Toronto, Canada, the summit brought together over 280 water-tech leaders, investors and innovators at the cutting edge of technology innovation and the future of water efficiency and resiliency. Outside the sessions it was all about making business connections with over 2,620 1-1 meetings taking place.

The week began with a tour at Hyperion Water Treatment Plant, and was followed by two fast-paced days of panels, visionary presentations and roundtable discussions. The summit covered asset optimization, indirect and direct reuse, machine learning, smart water grids, resiliency in agricultural water stewardship, micropollutants, and investment deals and opportunities.

Head of Innovation Forum: Accelerating Adoption and Reducing Risk, Session Chair: Dean Amhaus, President & CEO, THE WATER COUNCIL

“What is the key to accelerating the adoption of new water technology innovations by utilities?

Panelists unanimously emphasized that it comes down to the people within the organization and therefore it is critical to creating a work environment geared toward encouraging an innovative spirit. In describing their successes some panel members described how they fostered a place that broke down the utility’s inherent silos by taking intentional efforts to listen to and encourage innovative ideas from all of the staff.

Panelists also emphasized that accelerating innovation often occurs when people are comfortable in asking ANY question, challenging paradigms and allowed to fail if it fosters new ideas and approaches.”

Sustainable Industry: Stewardship and Strategy, Session Chair: Sammy Fahrbach, Global Director, Water and Sustainability Operations, ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV

“A number of private sector companies have made public commitments on water stewardship, but the global water crisis has not yet been solved and some hold the view that despite good progress, corporate water stewardship may be stalling. This panel explored the role of the private sector in addressing our most pressing water challenges; how companies are using innovation to advance water stewardship; and what more needs to be done.

Key takeaways included the need for companies to look beyond their own operational water footprint to water stewardship in their broader value chain. In addition, companies should further leverage the expanding world of water data available to them. Finally, companies should take initiative in engaging consumers on water stewardship, because although consumers may not currently have high awareness of corporate water stewardship efforts, data indicates that they are eager to learn more.”

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