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Introduction to Pointcloudmetry

By Eric Van Rees - 28th November 2022 - 09:20

Pointcloudmetry is the specialized branch of geomatics that encompasses the acquisition and processing of point clouds captured by Lidar devices as well as point clouds derived from photogrammetric images.

The technology allows accurate and detailed geo-information about earth-related objects, including the bare earth surface, to be obtained. This book covers the entire chain from the principles of geo-referencing and the basics of electromagnetic energy up to the generation of 2.5D and 3D geoinformation.

The book provides vital knowledge about the fundamentals, idiosyncrasies and unparalleled potential of point cloud technology and is an indispensable aid to acquiring competent knowledge on the processing steps necessary for converting raw data into high quality 3D geo-information.

Contents: Setting light on the landscape; Electromagnetic energy; Laser light; Photogrammetry and 3D computer vision; Airborne Lidar; Ground-based Lidar; Survey peculiarities; Digital elevation models; Interpolation; Ground filtering; Feature detection from images and point clouds; Point cloud processing software; Pilot studies and applications.
: this book will be essential for everyone working in the sphere of geomatics, geography, GIS and the application of this science.

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