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Introducing the Cedar CT8X2 Rugged Tablet

By Eric Van Rees - 24th June 2021 - 05:27

Juniper Systems announced the launch of its latest Cedar rugged tablet — the Cedar CT8X2.

This next-generation tablet offers increased processing power, RAM, and storage, all running on the Android™ 10 operating system. The CT8X2 offers all this while retaining the same powerful GNSS functionality of the previous generation at the same affordable price point.

“The CT8X2 is our best Cedar tablet to date,” said Cody Draper, Cedar Product Manager. “It exceeds expectations in terms of price, performance, and versatility. It is a perfect device for those looking for a mobile data collection device that offers a much greater degree of ruggedness than a consumer product.”

Powered by an octa-core Snapdragon™ CPU from Qualcomm®, the CT8X2 provides a snappy user experience while running demanding applications. The device’s increase in RAM allows for larger files and data-intensive tasks to be completed with ease. A bump in onboard storage prevents users from needing to offload data frequently and provides plenty of space for applications. With GNSS accuracy of around one meter in open skies and five meters in tree canopy, the CT8X2 offers very capable GNSS positioning that far exceeds the accuracy of typical consumer devices.

“The performance increase of the CT8X2 gives users a very capable device in the field,” Draper said. “We were able to provide these advancements in performance and GNSS accuracy while maintaining our affordable price point.”

The CT8X2 offers users powerful functionality, a high-resolution screen, and powerful GNSS capabilities all in a sleek yet rugged design. Users can work hard and worry less with the CT8X2. The CT8X2 is now available for purchase.

Introducing the Cedar CT8X2 Rugged Tablet

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