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Introducing: P3 Payload - Unmatched inspection productivity and versatility

By Eric Van Rees - 5th May 2021 - 11:08

Phase One P3 Payloads for drones offer customizable solutions for all of your most demanding inspection and mapping needs.

The P3 provides a high-quality integrated imaging solution for when capturing the finest details is of paramount importance.

The versatile P3 Payload includes Phase One iXM 100MP or 50MP camera, one of our RSM lens options, and a new gimbal with an integrated laser range finder, for sharp and fast focusing on every shot.

Chose one of two available configurations designed to meet a wide range of requirements.

Phase One P3 DJI

P3 DJI – Ready for flight

The P3 for the DJI M300 is plug-and-play and ready-to-fly with an M300 drone, developed mainly for operators and service providers who already own, or are considering purchasing, a DJI M300.

P3 Mavlink

P3 Mavlink – Ready for integration

The P3 MAVLink is ready for integration with the many drones that are based on the open-source MAVLink protocol and is ideal for bundling by OEMs and solution integrators.

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