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Integra and Unifly join forces for safer drone traffic near airports

By [email protected] - 8th March 2018 - 10:45

Drones are small and difficult to detect. Left unmanaged, the increasing drone traffic can easily pose a threat to bystanders and manned aviation.

Right now, it is not possible to fly a drone anywhere near an airport. The threat of a possible collision is simply too severe, causing all air traffic to be grounded once a drone is spotted in the vicinity.

This is why Unifly and Integra Aviation Academy joined forces to set up an Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system that makes it possible to detect, monitor and document drone operations on a national scale. The drone flight path can also be tracked for further analysis.

Collaborating with some of the most respected manufacturers within the field, the goal is to create an environment where drones can be operated safely and under control in the vicinity of airports

The UTM system communicates with the pilots and alerts them if there are any threats emerging, for instance if the drone is getting close to the limits. The UTM system supports the entire workflow from getting the permits and setting up the perimeter to monitoring the operation.

Together with business partners MyDefence and Reseiwe, Integra Aviation Academy and Unifly make drone flight operations safe.

Mark Kegelaers, CEO of Unifly: “Airports and their surroundings are a highly specific and vulnerable area where it is vital for manned and unmanned aviation to coexist safely. A mature system is needed that monitors and communicates in real-time so all stakeholders are aware of the situation at all times.

This is the only way to integrate drone traffic in a safe manner. With decades of experience in aviation, Integra Aviation Academy is an ideal partner for us in securing the airspace in even the most secure places, including around airports. We are very happy to collaborate with Integra Aviation Academy to take the next step in airspace safety.“

Michael Niels Thorsen, CEO of Integra: “The UTM platform is an important system to bridge the gap between manned and unmanned aviation near airports. At the moment, it is difficult to fly drones near or around airports without great costs and resources. Using the UTM solution airports can control and manage the drone operations by detecting, monitoring, documenting and tracking the drones. Unifly is a great match for combined development with their technical expertise, which complement the growing need for a safe airspace."

Integra and Unifly are presenting at the World ATM Congress in Madrid from March 5 to 8, 2018. Integra is at booth 851 and Unifly is at booth 1151, you can find us each on one side of the EUROCONTROL stand.

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