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Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) Has Signed With Recursos Tecnicos Madrid, S.L.,

By [email protected] - 4th February 2019 - 11:18

Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) Has Signed With Recursos Tecnicos Madrid, S.L., The Support And Maintenance Of The Technology FME By Safe Software (Vancouver, Canada) For Three Consecutive Years

Recursos Técnicos Madrid, S.L. (, has recently won the bid issued by Instituto Geográfico Nacional on the Support and Maintenance of FME either Desktop or Server. They have signed the service for until 2020.

This new Three Year contract includes the FME plug-In MapText Labeller in order to provide the Spatial professionals at IGN with the latest State of the Art Technology. MapText Labeller, was added as a new transformer, an extra-cost plug-in for automated high-quality cartographic labelling. Placing labels can be a very tricky task, especially when we deal with complicated maps with many layers and overlapping features of different geometry types, sizes, and orientations. The MapText Labeller takes into consideration all these factors using user-defined styles and rules. It resolves conflicts and produces aesthetically pleasing output. Combined with the power of FME, the MapText Labeller can create thousands of labels within minutes. At the same time Recursos Técnicos Madrid, S.L. will supply a continuous assistance IGN as they have been doing to other State and Official institutions as well as private companies with who they have signed up the Maintenance and Support of FME technology.

Thanks to this contract RECURSOS TÉCNICOS MADRID, S.L grants INSTITUTO GEOGRAFICO NACIONAL the continuos update of the STL technology by FME.

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