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Improve your UAV LiDAR survey accuracy with Routescene Ground Control Targets

By Eric Van Rees - 1st October 2020 - 07:16

Improving and verifying accuracy is a typical objective of any survey... and this becomes more complex to achieve when undertaking a UAV LiDAR survey.

Deploying Routescene's Ground Control Targets on known and accurately co-ordinated Ground Control Points prior to a UAV LiDAR survey provides the assurance that the survey has been properly executed and you can demonstrate the specified level of accuracy has been achieved.

Establishing ground control brings many benefits including checking for errors in your survey, so you achieve robust and quantifiable results; the ability to calibrate the equipment on every project; you will prevent unnecessary repeat visits to remote sites; it simplifies post-processing and avoids data alignment issues.

UAV LiDAR surveys are typically undertaken in remote, rural and sometimes hazardous locations where there are no fixed points available, such as solid surfaces or concrete features, that could be used as Ground Control Points. Routescene's Ground Control Targets solve this problem.

Specifically designed for UAV LiDAR surveys

The Routescene UAV LiDAR Ground Control Targets are quick and simple to deploy. Raised from the ground using a mini tripod, a built-in bubble level enables accurate levelling and removes the need for a tribrach. Robustly engineered, the targets stay in position during adverse and windy conditions, reducing the risk of repositioning during a survey.

Covered with highly retro-reflective material to provide high-intensity returns, typically each target will be hit 200-300 times by the lasers from the UAV LiDAR system. As a result the targets are easily identifiable and can be automatically extracted from the geo-referenced point cloud.

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