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Implementation Service Of A Digital Format Import Solution In The Sigtye System

By Eric Van Rees - 25th May 2021 - 07:00

A project carried out by RTM for ADIF.

About ADIF (Administración de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias):

One of ADIF's tasks is the management of its telecommunication infrastructure, a fiber optic network of 16,000 kilometers length which extends along the whole railway line and links the main Spanish capitals. In this sense, this public entity attached to the Ministry of Development (Ministerio de Fomento) , in addition to its fiber optic network supporting the services of the railway operation, is offering service to the different telecommunication operators of this industry in our country. It is a way of optimizing the surplus capacity of its fiber optic network as well as collaborating with the global technological development.

ADIF manages 25% of Spanish's dark fiber optic* capacity. Moreover, it is the most important and geographically deployed national supplier. (*The so-called dark fiber optics is the fiber optic cable itself, without the regeneration equipment which is being installed solely by operator technicians.)

In order to manage its fiber optic networks, ADIF uses GE SMALLWORLD Geospatial software.

For some time, Mr. Alejandro Martínez Thomas, Technician in charge of the Geographic Information Systems Engineering belonging to the Corporate Directorate – ADIF High Speed, Subd. Telecommunications Technique under the Head of Network Management and Quality of Service Area, has already been aware of the need to implement a tool that would allow to integrate and at the same time facilitate the incorporation of spatial data of all kinds to GE SMALLWORLD the space GIS platform used by ADIF. For this purpose a Technical Prescription Fold was created aiming for a solution to this important challenge.

" All in all and after being subject to a public bide, we, RECURSOS TÉCNICOS MADRID, S.L. (RTM) shall certify/verify that all the applications we supplied aimed for an effective tool for the Importation of Digital Formats within the Geographical Information System of ADIF Energy and Fiber Network (SIGTYE), mainly run by GE Smallworld and considering the interoperability with many other GIS, CAD/CAE and BIM applications", as detailed in the ADIF Technical Prescription Fold.

The solution to the compatibility with any data provided by many systems between GIS / CAD / BIM and GE SW, necessarily goes through the incorporation of the SpatialBiz Plug-In FME as we understood from the beginning.

And the last but not the least was the basic FME training provided by RTM to ten ADIF technicians, for which we chose the "FME Talleres" mode using real datasets in order to get them familiar with the interface and with the more than 400 "transformers" available. During the training provided they were taught to create "workspaces" to be used as a reference in future developments.

Pº de Yeserías, 31 – 2º J

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