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Immervision Partners With ModalAI To Offer A Complete Drone Vision Solution

By Eric Van Rees - 20th December 2022 - 06:14

Immervision, a developer of advanced vision systems combining optics, image processing, and sensor fusion technology, announced its partnership with ModalAI, a Blue UAS Framework manufacturer of autonomous drone and robot technology.

This collaboration will lead to an advanced ‘ready-to-fly' vision system for drone manufacturers.

This complete solution incorporates the Immervision Imviso-ML and the VOXL 2 platform to provide the full image pipeline, from the optics to the hardware platform running the autonomous navigation software. Thanks to its 190 degrees Field of View and its low-light capability, the solution increases the perception and improves the performance of machine vision applications, running on its Qualcomm QRB5165 processor. The VOXL 2 computing platform, combined with the Imvisio-ML camera module, enhances mission critical navigation beyond visual line-of-sight to support safer, more reliable flight.

“ModalAI is excited to strengthen our partnership with Immervision. The VOXL 2 drone autopilot offers superior computing capability for the UAS industry. Coupled with Immervision’s camera module, VOXL 2 can enable smaller drones to unlock autonomous perception and navigation in low-light environments,” stated Chad Sweet, CEO and co-founder of ModalAI, Inc.

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