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Highways England renews Trimble VRS Now license

By [email protected] - 13th March 2017 - 18:31

Highways England renews Trimble VRS Now license for second three year period

KOREC is delighted to announce that following a successful tender, it will provide Highways England with the real-time RTK correction service that it uses for the police for a second three year period. This resource will be delivered via Trimble VRS Now licenses and will be used by the police primarily for collision scene investigation where the reliability of Trimble VRS Now enables them to quickly and efficiently survey incidents and minimise road closures. Collision investigator feedback following the initial three year period has been positive: “I have used VRS in conjunction with Trimble hardware at the scenes of thousands of collisions. VRS is the first tool out of the box at every collision scene because it is fast and reliable. Setup time is measured in seconds. VRS allows me to survey the crucial evidence most efficiently and to allow already congested roads to be reopened as soon as possible. As it does not rely on line of sight, measurements can be taken amidst the most complex of major incident scenes.”

Andy Beckerson, KOREC Director of Business Development, said “Trimble VRS Now delivers centimetre accuracy on demand, anywhere in the UK, and is renowned for its reliability. These requirements are key to the police completing timely traffic collision investigation surveys. We have worked closely with most of the UK’s forces over the years and are therefore pleased to build on this relationship with Highways England and continue our work with the UK’s police forces. The success of this tender is a reminder that not all RTK corrections services are the same and that when reliability is a key factor, Trimble VRS Now has proved itself time and time again.”

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