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Hiber successfully launches second generation satellite via SpaceX’s Transporter-1

By Eric Van Rees - 18th February 2021 - 06:55

Hiber, the European satellite Internet-of-Things (IoT) company, announces that its most recent satellite, Hiber Four, has been successfully launched in space, via SpaceX’s first rideshare mission of 2021 - Transporter-1.

Hiber Four is a second generation satellite developed and assembled by Hiber’s engineers in its Amsterdam office. Hiber Four, and its sister satellite Hiber Three (launching in March), are half the volume (3U) of the previous generation, which reduces the mass and decreases the launch costs by up to 50%. The newest generation of satellites also have an on-board propulsion system allowing Hiber’s ground engineers to adjust the satellite’s orbit. This ensures that Hiber Four, and its future descendants, avoid collisions and, importantly, de-orbit themselves at the end-of-life, making Hiber one of the most responsible CubeSat constellation operators in the world.

“This is just the start of what’s coming,” says Maarten Engelen, MD Technology and Co-founder at Hiber. “We moved all of our integration and operations for satellites and end-to-end solutions in-house last year, which gives us greater control over cost, functionality, and speed of improvement. By controlling the full solution, we can innovate faster and respond quickly to customer needs.”

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