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Hexagon Unveils New Release of Structural Engineering Software GT STRUDL

By Eric Van Rees - 28th February 2023 - 10:02

Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division, a global provider of digital reality solutions, has unveiled a new release of its GT STRUDL 41 software.

GT STRUDL is a structural engineering software that offers a complete design solution to create safe and effective designs while managing the complexity of many different scenarios across a range of industries, including power, civil engineering, marine, and infrastructure.

To meet structural steel and concrete design requirements, structural engineers need to comply with applicable codes and regulations. While the ASCE 7-22 Code is the latest published version, many engineers are still required to comply with the requirements of ASCE 7-16 or ASCE 7-10.

With this new version, engineers can build, assess and report on structural systems of any size in accordance with more than 25 international structural code standards, including:

*ASCE-7, allowing for the generation of wind loads on open and enclosed structures (including sloped roofs)

*AISC Code, with the possibility of using of multiple editions and for the same file to be reused for rework

*Nuclear code support, including N690

This new version fully integrates Smart 3D, ISIP, CAESAR II, CADWorx Structure, Dimensional Solutions MAT 3D, and SDS/2.

GT Strudl 1200

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