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Hexagon reaches heights with the launch of CADWorx Electrical & Instrumentation Design Suite

By Eric Van Rees - 25th October 2023 - 07:08

Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division announces the launch of the CADWorx Electrical and Instrumentation Design Suite, the world’s richest set of design tools developed to address the challenges encountered in industrial manufacturing plants and in the electrical power, generation transmission and distribution (T&D) sectors.

This suite is designed to optimize workflows, enhance collaboration and ensure the production of reliable deliverables.

This suite presents three key modules — CADWorx Electrical, CADWorx Instrumentation and CADWorx Raceway. These modules facilitate data-driven design and intelligent documentation, which also include piping, and structural solutions for a comprehensive set of tools that address the complete lifecycle needs of industrial projects.

Key highlights of the CADWorx Electrical and Instrumentation Design Suite include:

Effortless Intelligent 2D Schematic Creation

CADWorx Electrical empowers engineers to automate the creation of schematics and generate comprehensive deliverables with ease as drafting and analysis modules. The user-friendly interface facilitates the generation of detailed reports and wiring diagrams, fast-tracking project completion. It features extensive symbol libraries and smart data integration, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors throughout the design journey.

Efficient Management of Instrumentation Data

CADWorx Instrumentation offers automated production of instrumentation documents and facilitates effortless management of instrument indexes, tag information and data sheets, simplifying tracking across all project phases. Intelligent data integration not only minimizes errors but also eradicates redundancies, guaranteeing timely and budget-friendly project completion, and boosting productivity for the project and teams.

Automated 3D Modeling and Cable Routing

CADWorx Raceway streamlines the design process with auto-routing capabilities, enabling designers to create 3D raceway models of cable trays, conduits, and more — quickly, accurately and intuitively. This tool immerses engineers in an accurate and visually rich 3D environment. It features smart routing and conflict detection to avoid clashes, conserve space, and simplify installation. The result is easier collaboration, lower costs and flawless project execution.

A unified suite enables seamless synchronization between 3D models and schematics, including wiring diagrams. It integrates smoothly with the CADWorx P&ID database, supporting two-way data links through Excel.

Building upon its partnership with Scada Systems Ltd, the Design Suite operates seamlessly on both AutoCAD and BricsCAD platforms, providing engineers with an enhanced level of accessibility and functionality.

Users can opt for either Microsoft Access or MS SQL Server to preserve data consistency and streamline change management, thereby nurturing precise design. These functionalities foster collaboration between teams, markedly improving accuracy and efficiency.

Wally Elarusi, CADWorx Product Owner, said, "Precise design in the industrial electrical and instrumentation sectors is vital for ensuring safety, promoting cost-effectiveness and achieving operational excellence. This approach directs businesses toward sustainable success. It is a testament to Hexagon's commitment to developing fully integrated solutions that support various design stages and enhance collaboration."

For a deeper dive into the functionalities and innovations packed in CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite, Hexagon invites all to visit the product page.

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