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Hexagon Announces the Release of CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite

By Eric Van Rees - 20th September 2023 - 16:07

Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence Division has unveiled the latest release of its flagship product, CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite, a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges faced by industries in computer-assisted design (CAD) and engineering (CAE).

The suite enhances productivity through improved compatibility and optimised workflows.

The CADWorx Design Suite is a comprehensive software series for plant design that offers integrated intelligent drawing/database connectivity, advanced automation capabilities, and user-friendly drafting tools. This new release empowers engineers and designers with an optimised and efficient CAD experience, seamless compatibility and enhanced functionality.

Key Highlights of CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite Include:

Unrivalled compatibility: The CADWorx Plant Design Suite allows users to immediately leverage the benefits and advancements of the latest CAD platforms without any delays and is fully integrated with BricsCAD v23 and AutoCAD 2023 and 2024.

Functional enhancements: various modules see significant improvements:

  • The 2D Representation module has been refactored, resulting in improved performance and stability
  • CADWorx Equipment introduces the capability to attach generic nozzles for more flexibility in equipment design and modelling

These enhancements empower engineers and designers to create more intricate and accurate designs that meet industry requirements.

Enhanced usability and configuration: this new release offers new capabilities to automate workflows further:

  • Users can now load configuration (CFG) files from the command line for Plant, Structure, Equipment and P&ID modules, streamlining setup and configuration for a more efficient workflow.
  • The CDR publishing options now support all CADWorx Equipment component type properties, enabling comprehensive 3D and BIM project publishing.
  • A new command line feature allows users to change the Bill of Materials (BOM) template across the CADWorx Plant Design suite, simplifying the configuration process.

Efficiency in design processes: responding to user feedback, this new release adds the ability to inherit process line numbers from PIDVIEW to Plant Modelling, reducing manual effort and ensuring design coherence. Additionally, the PIDVIEW module lets users insert components that match specific types and selected property values, to enhance productivity and accuracy.

Wally Elarusi, Product Owner, CADWorx, said: “In today's competitive landscape, industries face numerous challenges when it comes to CAD design and engineering. This release of CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite aims to deliver an enhanced CAD environment, addressing industry pain points and empowering engineers and designers with increased compatibility, stability, and optimised workflow capabilities.”

Peter Van Der Weijde, Vice President EMIA, Hexagon CADWorx and Analysis Solutions: “This new release fully reflects Hexagon's customer-centric approach to development. Our customers are allowed to vote to prioritise features we should develop. As a result, we were able to incorporate new, high-value features, provide unrivalled compatibility and place a strong emphasis on responding to customer feedback and addressing bugs or issues promptly, across a large range of industries, for a more reliable and efficient experience.”

For a deeper dive into the functionalities and innovations packed in CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite, Hexagon invites all to join the “What's New in CADWorx 23: Driving Continuous Improvements in Designs” webinar.

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