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Hexagon and Dayou partner to bring high accuracy GNSS corrections to the China market

By Eric Van Rees - 6th January 2022 - 08:53

Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division announced its partnership with Chinese positioning company Dayou.

This collaboration will bring TerraStar X technology to the Chinese market, providing fast precise point positioning (PPP) corrections for autonomous vehicles and mass-market use such as smartphones. The partnership enables Hexagon and Dayou to provide consistent positioning solutions globally, including North America, Europe and China, so OEMs can deploy the same design worldwide.

The GNSS corrections generated from TerraStar X technology enable lane-level accuracy with convergence in under a minute for consumer and automotive-grade GNSS receivers, supporting ADAS, autonomous applications, safety-critical applications, mobile phone applications and more. TerraStar X technology delivers corrections using industry-standard formats compatible with mobile networks and enabling efficient delivery of corrections to millions of end-user devices. Through the partnership with Dayou, OEMs can now deploy the same high-accuracy solution across China in addition to North America and Europe while having access to local sales, support and technical resources.

“This partnership provides a way for global companies to leverage TerraStar X technology to bring consistent lane-level positioning around the globe,” said Sara Masterson, director of positioning services at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. “With its hardware-agnostic design, industry-standard format and delivery of corrections, this technology opens up the possibility of precise positioning for a multitude of new mass-market applications for customers to use one software positioning solution on all platforms worldwide.”

“Dayou is excited to be working with Hexagon in China to bring this next level of positioning technology to market,” said Dr. Han Jianxin, chief executive officer at Dayou. “High accuracy positioning used to be limited to expensive equipment and niche markets like survey and mapping. With TerraStar X technology, everyone can have the benefit of more accurate positioning, opening up new applications ranging from autonomous driving and freight to regular smartphone users moving from point A to B.”

Using Dayou’s local infrastructure to calculate ionosphere corrections, TerraStar X technology ensures that fast convergence to lane-level and sub-metre accuracy is available when needed. Engineering development test areas are available around the world to support large-scale programs with functional safety requirements. With these test regions now expanded to China, the partnership with Dayou marks a significant milestone to bring Hexagon’s TerraStar X technology to a global scale.

Hexagon and Dayou partner to bring high accuracy GNSS corrections to the China market

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