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HERE launches Intelligent Speed Assistance map for automakers to comply with EU regulation

By Eric Van Rees - 26th October 2021 - 06:20

HERE Technologies, the location data and technology platform, announced the launch of the HERE ISA Map, delivering vehicle systems and drivers fresh and accurate speed limit information on any road.

The HERE ISA Map was designed for automakers to comply with requirements under the European Union’s (EU) new Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) regulation aimed at road safety and reducing Co2 emissions.

ISA is an in-vehicle feature helping drivers to acknowledge and comply with legal speed limits on any given road. For an optimal experience, a detailed map with correct speed limit information is crucial. The HERE ISA map provides speed limit information at any time, irrespective of environmental conditions. This is particularly important in situations that are challenging for onboard camera-only ISA solutions. These include:

· Speed limits that are not sign-posted, including default country-level speed limits for motorways, urban roads and metropolitan areas, as well as border speed limit rule changes based on country level requirements.

· Conditional speed limits based on the time of day or weather conditions.

· Concealed speed limits due to foliage growth, lack of infrastructure maintenance or other reasons.

· Implicit sign-posted speed limits, which indicate a change in speed limit based on default rules, e.g. for the start of built-up areas or the beginning of motorways.

The HERE ISA Map contains:

· Explicit speed limits visible on road signs as well as implicit speed limits derived from road signs without numerical values.

· Speed limits that are defined by road rules and regulations, including national, or regional, speed limits and conditional rules. These are typically not sign-posted and therefore not detectable by onboard cameras.

· Required road topology with selected attributes to minimize the data footprint for smaller vehicle segments while still enabling electronic horizon providers to power an ISA feature.

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