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GreenValley International launches new power line analysis software

By GeoConnexion - 5th November 2018 - 09:32

Berkeley, California – October 15, 2018: GreenValley International, a leading provider in 3D mapping technologies, today launched LiPowerline, a point cloud processing software built for power line inspection and analysis. The standalone software forms part of the LiDAR360 Suite v3.0, which is also being released today.

Featuring a powerful toolset, LiPowerline automatically classifies power lines, towers and vegetation, with the ability to manually augmenting classification results and effectively detecting a range of user-defined danger points, such as vegetation overgrowth and tree fall.

The software’s built-in reporting function allows users to quickly generate detailed project reports and export inspection results to KML file format.

LiPowerline can classify ground points and identify noise points and the software provides both 2D and 3D profile editing tools to assist with point cloud classification.

LiPowerline provides real-time working conditions analysis to detect tree information and extract danger points along power lines. It can also simulate and predict environmental variabilities, as well as simulating the influence of tree fall, future growth, wind speed, ice coverage and high temperature conditions.

Kevin Ford, GreenValley International’s Marketing Manager said: “Encroaching vegetation along the corridor is not only a safety concern but can also lead to significant power outages. LiPowerline assists in truly understanding how vegetation and environmental factors may affect the asset.”

LiDAR360 is GreenValley International’s flagship software that provides tools for efficient visualization, generation and manipulation of LiDAR point clouds.

For further product information and spec sheets, visit GreenValley International or contact [email protected]

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