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GPI Geospatial Enhancing Mobile Mapping with RIEGL LiDAR

By Eric Van Rees - 3rd April 2024 - 05:15

Adding a VMX-2HA to their Portfolio of RIEGL Systems

GPI Geospatial (a subsidiary of Greenman-Pedersen) has been a leading geospatial solutions company for over 50 years with a footprint across the Eastern U.S., and they recently upgraded their mobile mapping capabilities by adding a RIEGL VMX-2HA to their data collection portfolio. As a RIEGL customer for several years in various market verticals, GPI has enhanced their mobile offerings by upgrading their previous VMX-450 to the VMX-2HA. This top-of-the-line RIEGL mobile mapping system will keep them at the forefront of technology and allow them to provide the most precise and efficient deliverables to their clients all while increasing “in the field” productivity.

“GPI Geospatial will use this advanced new mobile LiDAR and spherical camera system to support multiple initiatives, including our roadway and DOT clients, GIS Asset Inventory projects, pavement condition inspection tasks, and railway projects.” said Paul Badr, President of GPI Geospatial. “This new system will enhance our collection efforts by maximizing safety and efficiency in both the field and the office, allowing us to serve our clients better.”

GPI Geospatial has had a long successful history of mobile mapping collection projects.” said Joshua France, RIEGL USA’s Mobile Division Manager. “Over the years, the team got a lot of miles out of their VMX-450 systems, and the RIEGL VMX-2HA will only expand their mobile mapping abilities. We are excited to be a trusted partner of GPI Geospatial and look forward to many more successful projects including rail and highway mapping.”

As the GPI mobile acquisition team hits the road with their brand new VMX system, their dedication to innovation and client satisfaction aligns with RIEGL’s commitment to developing and producing unparalleled cutting edge LiDAR technology with unwavering customer support. RIEGL USA looks forward to further collaboration and successful future project highlights.

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