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Golden Software Enhances Grapher Package with Improved Axes, Plotting, and 3D Functionality

By Eric Van Rees - 11th August 2022 - 19:18

Golden Software, a developer of affordable software for visualizing and analyzing diverse data sets, has rolled out the newest version of its Grapher scientific graphing package.

Available today, the new version features improvements in axes and plots, as well as adding a new 3D plotting capability.

“In addition to the specific feature upgrades, Golden Software continues to make Grapher faster, more stable and easier to use,” said Paul Wickman, Grapher Product Manager.

Grapher is used extensively by scientists and engineers in environmental services and consulting, climate research, exploration, and academic pursuits. The package offers deeper insights into diverse data sets, including chemical, physical, geologic, and geospatial data, through 80 different 2D and 3D plotting types.

The newest release of Grapher, which is downloadable now to all users with active maintenance or subscription agreements, includes these enhancements:

Axes Enhancements

Multiple Breaks on a Single Axis – Grapher now lets users add as many breaks as needed to a single axis. Designed primarily to eliminate long axis segments, users can also format the breaks with a variety of symbols and position them as desired on the axis.

Inverse Relationships on Linked Axes – Inverse relationships, such as the Arrhenius plot relationship between Temperature and Activation Energy, can now be plotted by linking the axes to each other.

Tick Enhancements – Grapher now enables the user to specify as many tick divisions or spaces as desired on Log10 and Ln scale axes. Users also have more control over Tick labels by positioning them as offsets anywhere on the X and Y axes.

Plot Upgrades

Stacked/Adjacent Histograms – Users can now plot multiple Histogram sets together using the same Stacked or Adjacent setting to easily compare distributions between data sets, such as changing patterns on periodically collected data.

Edit Class Scatter Plots – When plotting Text and Numeric classes, individual classes can be deleted or rearranged, and custom-named classes can easily be restored to default names.

3D Plot Transparency

To improve the appearance of exported 3D graphs, Plot Transparency is now supported in all 3D plot types, including 3D Surface and Bubble plots.

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