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GMV supplies the ground segment of Hispasat’s new generation of satellites

By Eric Van Rees - 6th July 2021 - 04:48

GMV, an independent supplier of satellite control systems, has signed a series of ground-segment supply contracts for Hispasat’s Amazonas Nexus satellite, which will replace Amazonas 2 in the orbital position 61º West and enhance its forerunner’s capabilities.

The contract as a whole includes supply of the control center and flight dynamics system, a new ground station in Río de Janeiro for the Amazonas Nexus satellite, a new satellite tracking system and sundry ground equipment, plus a new control and management system for all Hispasat’s ground stations.

Amazonas Nexus ushers in a new generation of Hispasat satellites and will open up new markets and win new clients, providing high-capability air- and sea-transport mobility services, among others. It will continue to cater for Hispasat’s current Amazonas 2 clients. The new upgraded satellite will give coverage to the whole American continent plus the north and south Atlantic corridors (areas of busy air- and sea-traffic) and Greenland, providing state-of-the-art Ku-band telecommunication services. It also includes Ka band capability to streamline gateway-satellite communications. This will multiply the total onboard capability available for commercial use while also fine-tuning capability unit cost in comparison with traditional satellites.

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