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GMV at the core of the Galileo High Accuracy Service

By Eric Van Rees - 11th June 2021 - 07:32

GMV has been awarded by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) with the contract for the implementation of the Galileo High Accuracy Data Generator (HADG), which will be the facility in charge of generating the high-accuracy corrections data to enable the provision of the Galileo High Accuracy Initial Service (HAS).

The purpose of the HADG is to ensure the continuous provision of HAS data with a proper rate, accuracy, availability, continuity and latency. The data will encompass orbit and clock corrections, biases, quality indicators and service parameters.

The HADG contract addresses a key infrastructure development in under the Galileo program. The Galileo HAS, after all, together with the Open Service Authentication (OSNMA) and the Commercial Authentication Service (CAS), is one of Galileo’s standout services, setting it apart from other GNSSs like GPS or GLONASS.

As defined by the Galileo HAS Implementation Decision published by the European Commission, and further detailed in the HAS Information Note recently published by EUSPA, the HAS will be an open access service based on the provision of high accuracy corrections transmitted in the Galileo E6-B signal (E6, data component), at a rate of 448 bps per Galileo satellite connected to an uplink station. The data retrieved by the user from the different satellites offering the HAS will be reconstructed allowing the user to achieve an improved positioning performance.

GMV, as leader of the project will be responsible for core project activities such as the provision of the algorithms for the computation of the high-accuracy corrections, which rely on GMV’s MagicPPP SW suite for Precise Point Positioning. GMV is supported by SIDERTIA in the area of cybersecurity.

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