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GMV and ANYbotics partner to transform industrial inspection with autonomous robotics

By Eric Van Rees - 23rd November 2023 - 08:25

A strategic partnership ensuring high-level availability, reliability, and efficiency in automated inspections through the use of autonomous robots.

GMV, a multinational technology company, and ANYbotics, a developer of autonomous inspection robots for industrial applications, have partnered to drive innovation and enhance efficiency in automated industrial inspections. This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize the way companies manage their inspection operations, providing improved effectiveness and optimized resource utilization in industrial environments.

Autonomous robotics has become a cornerstone solution in the industry to perform routine and complex inspections with greater efficiency. The alliance between industry leaders GMV and ANYbotics is a significant step toward the widespread adoption of robotics technology. By integrating GMV’s cloud-based autonomous robot movement solution uPathWay with ANYmal, ANYbotics’ purpose-built quadruped inspection robot, the deployment of outdoor navigation systems and real-time fleet optimization becomes achievable.

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